Your Care

Our Approach

We are a nervous system focused office, which means care is tailored to you as an individual by assessing the body as a whole. Adjustments are aimed at influencing the nervous system to create balance within the body which in turn affects overall function and well being. 

Every individual is treated with respect and love while under our care. Ultimately your health is your choice! We aim to be a resource and support for you in your pursuit of health & happiness. 

How It Works

One. Before your first visit, we will email over specific paperwork tailored to your individual health history and health goals. We ask that you provide honest and detailed information so that Dr. Jordan can best serve you and/or your children. If the paperwork is not completed prior to your appointment, you must arrive early to fill it out and allow for extra time to review your case. Or we may need to reschedule your initial visit. 

Two.   The initial visit is the longest. You can expect a 30-45 min appointment time . It is our opportunity to connect one-on-one and get to know your specific health needs. This is how we will determine if Kairos is a good fit for you. Once we learn more about your past and look ahead to the future and the goals you have for it, we will go on to complete the exam portion of the visit. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment, called CLA INSiGHT, to assist us in assessing how your spine and nervous system is functioning. The technology of the scanning equipment is completely safe (even for mama & baby) and non-invasive. The three components include neuroTHERMAL, neuroCORE (sEMG), and neuroPULSE (HRV). Which we love to tell you more about during your actual visit!

Next, we will take a comprehensive structural assessment of the spine by visually inspecting such things as posture to discover where your body is holding tension from stress on the nervous system.

Once the history and neuro-spinal analysis are finished, we will proceed with your first adjustment and schedule your return visit. 

Three. Your second visit, aka Report of Findings, will consist of going over the results from the INSiGHT scans and going over the care plan that Dr. Jordan has created for your specific needs. This is a great time to address any questions you have and to schedule out your visits, and to set up your payment plan if you choose to continue with care.

Note: this process is never rushed with children. Sometimes a little extra time is needed to get comfortable enough with Dr. Jordan to do an adjustment. Good thing she is also skilled at playtime!